Membership in the Magic City Parrot Head Club can be a rewarding experience for anyone desiring to have fun and serve your community. MCPHC is always looking for new members who also like to have fun and will bring new ideas into the club for making MCPHC the best that it can be.

While we are a part of a network of Jimmy Buffett fan clubs, there is much more to being a member. As a result of the Jimmy Buffett phenomenon, many great artists have been able to showcase their talents in the area of “Trop Rock.” Trop Rock is not yet a certified genre, but people are working on it. In following Jimmy Buffett and his music, you will soon be introduced to the distinct music of the members of his Coral Reefer Band. Many Coral Reefer Band members who have done well on their own include Mac McAnally, Peter Mayer, Jim Mayer, Robert Greenwich, and Nadira Shakoor. In addition to the Jimmy’s Coral Reefer Band, many artists have evolved as a result of the Jimmy Buffett tropical lifestyle. These artists include Brent Burns, Sonny Jim White, Jerry Diaz, Jimmy and the Parrots, the Boat Drunks, and many, many more.

When you join the Magic City Parrott Head Club and if you throw yourself into it, you will be introduced to a world of music that you probably never new existed. You might even get to meet some famous people and get to know them on a first name basis.

Best of all, you will meet good people, really good people. Our membership includes individuals from the legal sector, the medical sector, the information technology sector, the education¬†sector, the financial sector,¬†and many more sectors. We have as members some folks that have put in their time and are now enjoying retirement, some folks that are just starting out in their professions, some who are in the middle of their climb, and some who should be thinking about retirement, but still haven’t decided what they want to be when they grow up.